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Fiona Hims

Nigel Horne at Educatus Recruitment is a well-connected professional who leads his team by example. He is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. I know from four years’ experience of our professional relationship that Nigel is a hard working, top-performing professional and a very serious team player. Nigel is a great networker, and certainly gets my strong recommendation.   Nigel places openness and honesty at the heart of his decision-making processes and his insightful, consistent approach drives him to deserved success.   I recommend Educatus Recruitment as I believe they offer an exceptional approach which is utterly professional, driven, and demonstrates a full commitment to both their clients and their candidates.

Mrs Fiona Hims
Executive Headteacher
NET Academies Trust

Polly Bennett

I have worked with Nigel for over 10 years and he has always provided outstanding service and support. The relationship we were able to build up allowed me to be assured that he understood the school and the requirements we had in relation to candidates. No time was wasted in teachers that were not a good fit, in interviewing or observing, and I was able to rely upon him to provide amongst the best teachers I have ever employed.    Nigel was able to review my teaching cohort and plan for the future so that we were able to future proof any recruitment issues. Genuinely, more than a recruitment agency, a valuable colleague in supporting school improvement.  

Mrs Polly Bennett BA Hons QTS NPQH MA
Parlaunt Park Primary Academy